UX Designer

Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design

2 weeks, Winter 2016, personal project


In this project, I was tasked with choosing a website and redesigning it, including a rebrand. I chose the Washington Trails Association (WTA) website.


Before this final project, we learned about typography, color and emotion, text with image, text as image, type hierarchy, and icon design through a series of design assignments.


My Design Language

organic shapes




To create a new design language, I studied the goals and principles of WTA to find which values I should represent. I learned that WTA's purpose is to not only share hikes with the Washington community, but also to recruit and organize volunteers to help maintain trails. WTA connects the community to nature, and nature to the community. This can be seen in my final designs.


Logo Process

I began sketching logo ideas, then narrowed it down to three potential directions. I chose to move forward with the design showing a hand cradling a leaf. To create the final hand shape in my logo, I took a photo of my hand and traced it in illustrator.

Scan 1.jpeg

Landing Page Process


After designing a new logo, I explored two potential directions for the landing page. I decided to move forward with the second.


Final Landing Page


Below the landing page, you can see the rest of my deliverables: a subpage, business card, the homepage of a mobile app, and a letterhead.


Other Deliverables

Mobile app, desktop subpage, letterhead, business card