HiHello Website

In March 2020 I worked with our team to design and build a new company website using Webflow.

WHEN March 2020
ROLE  Designer
LAUNCH  April 2018
TOOLS  Webflow

I took ownership of our new company website by both designing and building it. Webflow allowed me to set styles, maintain proper responsiveness, and build layouts to create a website that works on different devices. I partnered with our Growth Marketer to determine and add content.

Redesign Goals

Previously, the HiHello website was built and maintained by our devs. On a small team with limited engineering resources, this created a bottleneck in making design and content changes. Once our team welcomed a Growth Marketer, updating and improving our website became a bigger priority.

Some of the goals of redoing our website were:

  • Streamlining the process of updating website design and content

  • Updating the visual branding to tell an optimistic and motivating story

  • Driving app downloads

Based on these goals, using Webflow made sense so our Growth Marketer and I could easily partner to swiftly make changes and maintain the website.

I learned Webflow for this project, and to this day am an avid Webflow user— even this website (karinvaughan.com) is built with Webflow.