For one year, I interned with the University of Washington’s Marketing & Communications Strategic Communications team to assess and improve the experience of uw.edu websites.

WHEN September 2016 - August 2017
ROLE  UX Intern
TOOLS   Wordpress, OptimalWorkshop (card sorting, tree testing, etc), Adobe Illustrator

UW has many webpages, from the main uw.edu homepage, to department specific pages, and many more in between. As the UX intern on the marketing team, I ensured pages were usable, on-brand, strategic, and delightful.

Two examples of major websites I impacted are the university’s Boundless fundraising campaign site and the Housing & Food Services site.

Boundless Fundraising Campaign

The university's Boundless campaign lasted for a decade and was finally closed in late 2020. The average donation size was $723, and funded more than 52,000 scholarships and fellowships in addition to student opportunities, buildings, institues, and more (source).

My role on the Boundless site was to evaluate design iterations through testing to drive contributions. I planned a task-based study, recruited participants, drafted testing scripts, moderated testing sessions, analyzed results, and delivered results via a presentation to my team and UW executives.

Housing & Food Services

I aided in a major redesign of the UW's Housing & Food Services website by leading and designing a study to evaluate usability. I planned the study similar to the Boundless study, with an additional emphasis on evaluating the information architecture of the site.