I was the design team of one at HiHello, a startup building an app designed to help people manage their contacts.

WHEN April 2018 - 2020
ROLE  UX/UI Designer
LAUNCH  August 2018
PLATFORMS  iOS, Android, Web
TOOLS  Figma, Webflow, Adobe After Effects

Using HiHello, people can easily exchange contact information, and then manage their contacts by relationship. Users can create different HiHello cards for the different types of people they meet.

For example, I can have a Work card with my HiHello email and LinkedIn to give to some people, but also have a Personal card with my personal email and phone number to give to others.

What I Learned

  • Designing a feature from idea to implementation within the constraints of a startup

  • Partnering successfully with engineers to convey designs and understand needs, as well as catch and address implementation issues early

  • Working with our product and growth to balance company goals with UX

  • Understanding and applying both iOS and Android mobile design patterns

  • Building a website from scratch using Webflow

Card List

Our card list design changed quite a bit during my time at HiHello. Design changes were influenced by the prioritization of growth, usability, and engineering limitations, among other things.


HiHello handles contacts a bit differently than other apps because of the nature of how contacts are created. When a HiHello user shares a card with someone, they have the option to receive information back. This creates a contact.

Contacts can be viewed based on when you met, what card was given, and more.

Dark Mode

I designed our dark mode in order to give our users a more friendIy nighttime experience. I began with the iOS default dark mode, but made tweaks to improve it.